JR at Museum Frieder Burda

17 de março de 2014

French photographer JR has a new exhibit at the Museum Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden Germany. The gallery will show the artist’s public works, along with some of the black and white pics that he used to inspire some of his best known street installations. The best part though, is that you can actually become a part of the show by having your photo taken in the photo booth from JR’s INSIDE OUT project.

Do you like art that will give young people night terrors? Great, then we have the gallery show for you. Ink Drawings by George Condo will be showing at the Skarstedt Gallery from now until April 5th. If you enjoy paintings that are somewhere between Pablo Picasso and Tim Burton, then you’ll love these.

This Must Be the Place: Byun

21 de fevereiro de 2014

Chong Gon Byun, a multimedia artist in Brooklyn, shares an intimate look at his home, which is packed with art and whimsical objects he has collected during his travels. This short documentary is one in a series called This Must Be the Place, which explores the connections between people and their homes. The filmmakers, David Usui and Ben Wu of Lost & Found Films, explain, “At first glance, [Byun's] home appears to be that of a hoarder. But within moments you’ll discover that each object is not only meticulously crafted and placed, but that their spirits serve as guides to their landlord.”


Hanksy Presents: Surplus Candy

18 de fevereiro de 2014

Living Banksy parody Hanksy has organized an event that featured more than 40 artists illegally painting an abandoned building in New York City’s East Village. Even though it took 6 days to paint, this collaborative gallery will only be open for a scant two hours.

WeSC Spray Paint Cap Speaker

18 de fevereiro de 2014


WeSC is up to something interesting here with their Spray Paint Cap Speaker. Hoping to add a bit of variety to the rather standard speaker line-up out there while also attracting a more edgy crowd, the brand is offering up a Bluetooth speaker that looks exactly like a spray can cap. In addition to this bright yellow model, WeSC has plans on offering the speaker in a variety of colorways and in two different sizes. For now, we just have one preview shot, but expect to hear more about this fun take later this year when details finalize.

Rap Quotes: LA Edition

25 de janeiro de 2014

Early last year, artist, Jay Shells, took signs he made with rap quotes and slapped them up around New York based on the locations the lyrics mentioned. Now he’s ditched the crowded NY streets for sunny LA and has given us the sequel to his hip-hop art project. Featuring lines from greats like Warren G and DJ Quik along with newer artists like Kendrick Lamar, it’s clearly the most fun tour of Compton you’ll ever have.

JR X The New York City Ballet

21 de janeiro de 2014

In an interesting move — but one which makes sense given that we knew nothing of ballet before this — French street artist JR has teamed up with the New York City Ballet as part of their Art Series 2014 to create a unique installation inspired by the energy of the dancers. Incorporating a giant sheet of white paper in the shape of an eye onto the set, contemporary dancers will interact with JR‘s installation in three live performances over three evenings at the Lincoln Center on January 23rd, February 7th and 13th, 2014. Check out the video where JR talks about his creative process and the way he worked with the ballet to create a new artwork. You can pick up tickets to the shows here.

T Magazine by the New York Times visits the homes and spaces of four prominent and influential artists to discuss and observe the unique styles in which the artists collect, display and acquire their personal collections. We are invited into the homes of Jeff Koons, KAWS (Brian Donnelly), Ugo Rondinone and Chuck Close. Through these visits we are shown another side to the respected artists, and are given a peek into their character’s as consumers rather than producers and creators. Head to the gallery and read the full story here.

With a name that invokes a sense of insider humor, the “Drayton Porkchop” Custom Cafe Racer Motorcycle features scavenged bits and reconstituted parts. The result of a year-long built between the artists from England’s creative agency ilovedust and chopper shop BONESHAKER, the “Drayton Porkchop” is actually a commemorative design that marks ilovedust’s 10th anniversary. Complete with hand painted illustrations and typography on a matte black finish, the “Drayton Porkchop” Custom Cafe Racer Motorcycle by ilovedust and BONESHAKER will likely be on display at ilovedust’s office in Southsea, Hampshire of England, that is unless someone is taking it out for a spin.

For its “Collectors Issue,” i-D Magazine has assembled a feature about Brian Donnelly (aka KAWS) and James Jebbia (the founder of Supreme), telling the story of “two boys and their toys,” and a new breed of collectors following their every move. The article traces the rise of the towering figures in their respective fields of street art and fashion, along with the qualities they have in common: namely, their expertise in the art of collaboration, coupled with the ability to create “covetable” pieces that drawn in armies of obsessive fans. Accompanying the article is a black-and-white photo spread shot by Matt Jones and featuring Candice Swanepoel, whose fetching likeness is embellished with KAWS’ instantly recognizable artwork.


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